kyle cesmat

Kyle Cesmat

I am a software person who works with teams large & small to solve technical problems on the web. At Formidable I focus primarily on front-end expierences, optimizing application performance, building sustainable components & patterns for teams, and trying not to break too many things along the way!

Away from the screen I like to travel, try my hand at cooking new foods, and find a great trail to hike with my pup Levi.

Things I'm excited about right now

Front-End Performance

Apps shouldn't just *feel* fast, they should *be* fast.


Getting Outdoors

Turning off my screens, purposely placing myself outside



Exploring the advantages and pitfalls of writing styles right next to code & markup.



Taking more photos, exploring layout & composition away from a web browser



Currently reading 'Slapstick' and 'Ready Player One'


User Authentication

Learning best ways to ensure user validitity while maintaining privacy

Designing More

Building expirences for others & overcoming my biases



I'm learning how awesome it is to query for data



Mmmm beer. I'm trying to homebrew more