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    What I'm focusing on, learning, or doing in my free time. Last updated August 2020.

    Currently Located

    Right now trying to survive summer in Phoenix, AZ and looking forward to fall when I can enjoy my bike rides again.

    Currently Building

    I've been working full-time on a site re-platforming using NextJS and GraphQL, along with working through the various steps of productionability. I'm learning more about CDN caching strategy, how to optimize a server-rendered react app for +1M users, and maintaining lots of middleware to manage localization and business rules for a global deployment.

    Currently Reading

    These are a few of the books I am reading through currently. I also have 'Get Together' and 'Working in Public' published by Stripe Press that I plan to pickup soon. I also purchased a kindle recently and read through Recursion and really enjoyed it.

    Newest Accomplishment

    Despite being held inside during COVID and Phoenix summer, I've still managed to stay in great yoga & biking shape and finding ways to keep my mental health in check during these stay-at-home days.

    I've also been getting better at building things with my hands, and recently built a few hexagon shelves that I'm pretty proud of.